About Us

Mission/Core Values/Vision


To provide a continuum of care that embraces changing needs of the community.

Core Values

  • Do right even when no one is looking
    • When we do the right thing every time it encourages positive expereinces. Problems are far more difficult to overcome and correct than taking the time to do the right thing every time.
  • Create a positive experience
    • Every experience leaves an impression on our customers. Experiences are created. A positive attitude has the ability to shape the planned and spontaneous happenings into a living practice. 
  • Be the change
    • Work united. Without action we stop growing. Take care of this moment. Persist, everyone is human; see the good in people and help them. Continue to grow and evolve.
  • Treat others how you want to be treated
    • Exercise kindness in every moment. Smile. Be positive in your actions, words, and deeds. Help someone for no particular reason.
  • Take time to have fun!


The United Living Community provides dynamic, innovative leadership by enthusiastically supporting the needs and wellbeing of our residents, employees, and community.