Administrator's 2013 Annual Report

Published: May 23rd, 2013

United Living Community


May 5, 2013

Administrator's 2013 Annual Report

Sally Damm, Administrator

 Summary of strategic accomplishments 2008-2012

  • Increase single resident rooms  - 2013 the single rooms will be increased from 21 to 39 private rooms- accomplished
  • Purchased the Bishman Property in 2011-has been used daily for storage during the building project- accomplished
  • Build for the future with modern facilities supporting modern and progressive programs-In 2013 there are 5 smaller living/dining and kitchenettes for each of the neighborhoods, the large dining room has been invigorated into a chapel and fellowship hall, the south nurses station and lobby is revitalized into a town square; bathrooms updated, spa room installed, entire building has been touched to modernize the skilled nursing for several years to come- in September 2013-with the final phase 9 memory care neighborhood- accomplishing

The goals we will be continuing to strive for in the coming year (s)

  • Develop and Implement a Retention of employees at a 65%, 75% to 80% retention
  • Develop and Implement a viable, stable neighborhood working staff schedule; with a goal of self scheduling with a staff coordinator; staff to resident ratio schedule using the cross training/neighborhood concept
  • Develop and Implement staff development through educational opportunities with expectation of implementation of skills they received
  • Develop and Implement accountability standards
  • Finalization of the Child Development Center 7 year strategic plan building on the mission of Active Learning in a Vibrant Environment
  • Engage and grow the financial base of the Foundation for our intergenerational campus.


I need to take this opportunity to thank those that have made this journey with me and welcome those that will continue building on the solid foundation that has been established by those that have served ULC.

Lori Munsterman left in November but she was instrumental in developing a creditable business plan to make the building project possible. She established and modernized the business office over her years of service.  Over the past several months Rose Fedt has managed the business office with skill, determination and fortitude.  She has established and modernized the business office to be better equipped to process Medicare as we expand the services. She has been instrumental in bringing ULC through a difficult financial time.  Thank you Rose.  Chad Goldammer is the Director of the Finance and he is well equipped to serve ULC in the financial and operational needs of the campus. Chad joined the team on April 15, 2013. Rose will continue to work with Chad in their separate positions, but following the goal of financial stability.

Cathy Everson left in March.  Her years of service as Licensed Nurse, Director of Education, MDS coordinator and the last two years as Director of Nursing strengthen our nursing services. Over the years as health care, as evolved into what we know today the medical needs of the residents once served in a hospital setting; is now admitted or returned to the skilled nursing facility for recuperation. Anna Tellekson has been acting as the intern Director of Nursing, under her guidance ULC is healthier and better equipped to turn the Director of Nursing office over to Kim Miller, RN that will begin her duties on May 13, 2013. Anna has been in different position but most recently as Director of Education, she will be remaining on staff part-time, but has chosen to expand her horizons.  I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you Anna for your dedication and insightful

Jessica Wilson has developed the Human Resource department into a structured and streamlined office.  Under her leadership she has designed an orderly process of recruitment, retention, orientation, advocacy for the employee and found balance in the regulations, policies and procedures for ULC and the employees.  Jessica will be taking on a new role at a new place this month, but her achievements in HR will be felt for years to come.  The HR position will be filled soon, as applications have been received.

Dawn Kane has made a decision one year ago to step aside as Director of the Child Development Center after 11 years as Director.  She has now made a decision make herself more available to her family as grandma duties build.  Dawn you know all that I feel, admire and respect about you.  Taking two blankets and a baby in May of 2001 and making dreams come true. The intergenerational program will be forever in your debt for you took an idea, built a model for those us left at ULC to build on. Sherry and Dawn have worked side by side over the past year so it will be a smooth transition for the person that will fill the position of Assistant Director of the Child Development Center.

As I look forward to the leadership that remain Vanessa, Cindy, Bill, Jodi, Jody, Kara, Stephanie, Leanna, Angel, Amanda, Jackie, Brenda, Teresa, Camille, Pastor George, Denise, Sherry, Chad and Rose, coupled with the staff that come every day to perform  24/7 365 days a year.  I can only look forward with great excitement and anticipation. 

State and National

Topics that I have no answers to, but topics that must be kept on the radar for the next 6 months to 5 years:

Affordable Healthcare Act-as it relates to the employees and the citizens we serve.

Reimbursement of Medicaid and Medicare-reduction in reimbursement will be the standard, not the exception as we move forward

Individualized Medical Health Record Accessibility-Technology is an ever evolving and expensive new normal. 

Unfunded mandates are never going away.  With the Affordable Healthcare Act they will continue to grow.  We just don’t know how much, how many, and to what extent long term care will be affected.

The changing demographics that assisted living facilities are allowed to retain and serve.

This past several months will be known as the revitalization of the brick and mortar of the apartments, the 1959 and 1989 sections of the nursing home and a change in the cast of the leadership.  The future will be focused on building the Mission of Alleviating Loneliness in a Vibrant Environment.    

Thank you for the support during the past 16 years. ULC will continue to respond to the Brookings Community. Watch for the public celebration early this fall to celebrate the completion of the building project.

A special thank you to the staff and board members I have enjoyed working with over the past 16 years. They have made the impossible possible.  Thank you

Respectfully submitted

Sally Damm