Child Development Center Collects Gifts for the Domestic Abuse Shelter

Published: Jan 04th, 2013

Children can identify with the good feelings gained by giving.  They have a keen interest and love of the book by Shel Silversteen, “The Giving Tree”.  Through their teachers at the United Living Community’s (ULC) Child Development Center (CDC), Pam Grygiel and Barb Caulfield, they have also gained several experiences that have enhanced their understanding of the giving process.  Taking their role beyond teaching, they helped the children launch a giving project. 

The teachers spoke with a representative from the Brookings Domestic Abuse Shelter.  They inquired about what their students might do to help ease some of the stress that children have when their families cannot currently fill their wishes due to issues of domestic abuse.  The shelter suggested collecting enough gifts for 2 boys, 2 girls and 2 infants.   

The Child Development Center serves about 120 children daily.  Barb and Pam let the parents know about the effort to collect gifts.  They also posted announcements throughout the United Living Community neighborhoods so staff could also contribute if they chose to.  Donations for this project were beyond what was originally anticipated.  Many large stockings had to be purchased to accommodate the donations.

The children loaded the collection of donations unto a wagon and walked with their teachers through the hallway and to the nursing care dining room.  Because of the intergenerational nature of services at the CDC, it is second nature that the children and ULC residents worked side by side to stuff stockings as one of the shared  activities for the week.

On December 5, 2012, Brookings Domestic Abuse Shelter, Ashley Dahl received the stockings and distributed them to children in their service area.