Child Development Center Delivers to the Food Pantry

Published: Jan 04th, 2013

It began with a lesson plan for preschool children and "The Giving Tree".   Teacher, Pam Grygiel created lesson plans for the week based on the book by Shel Silversteen.  The 4 year old children in her class and the 5 year old children in teacher Barb Caulfield's classes identify with the happy feeling that one person can get by helping other people.

The children's interest of "The Giving Tree" was used to segue into having the children identifying the feelings of children who might not have enough food in their cupboards to satisfy their hunger.   The children understood the need to begin a food drive.  Meanwhile, the teachers worked behind the scenes to launch the drive.  They invited participation by all the staff working at the United Living Community (ULC) and the parents of the children attending the Child Development Center, one branch of the ULC neighborhood. 

That participation resulted in the delivery of 213 pounds of food to the Food Pantry on December 6, 2012.  Wagons were filled to the brim, the children and staff departed their center at 405 1st Avenue and walked and sang songs from there to the Food Pantry, just several blocks up the street.  Before their return to the Child Development Center, the children were led in a tour by Brookings Area Food Pantry director, Amy Lacek.


Food Pantry