Dolores Lengkeek Retired after 52 Years

Published: Dec 07th, 2012


Dolores Lengkeek retired after 52 years and eight months of exemplary service to the United Living Community. Mayor Reed proclaimed November 30, 2012 as Dolores Lengkeek day. In his presentation he read: Dolores began her career with the United Retirement Center's Dietary Department on February 2, 1961. With 52 plus years of dedicated service, Dolores holds the prestigious title of "URC's Longest Serving Employee. Dolores found her passion for food service after working at a little ice cream & coffee shop called Sykes Snack Shop, from which she incorporated her creative ideas and skills to URC.

Since it's opening to the public in 1959, Dolores has witnessed many changes at the Center, such as less labor intensive food service, the development of "pod style" arrangements, the integration of A.L.I.V.E., Alleviating Loneliness In a Vibrant Environment and the new Child Development Center. Over five decades, Dolores has welcomed many members to the United Living Community and has helped to make it their home. You could always count on her to be on the job dedicating herself to the residents. Dolores's generous efforts throughout the years have greatly influenced the lives of those around her. Her caring assistance to the residents and staff will not be forgotten. We, the People of Brookings thank you Dolores for your passionate and dedicated service, and wish you well on your retirement! You can enjoy this well deserved time to relax and visit a few garage sales! She has baked, cooked, changed beds, assisted residents, cleaned, and washed dishes. She will be missed at the United Living Community and we wish her well in her retirement. "With her help over the past 52 plus years, we have been able to keep the residents ALIVE!" Says administrator Sally Damm.