ULC Annual Meeting

Published: Apr 27th, 2015

ULC celebrated our Annual Meeting on April 26th, 2015. Thank you to all of those who attended. 

Employee Recognition


Annual Employee Awards:

ULC Recognizes the winners of our Annual Awards!
Employee of the Year: Paula Stotz
Spirit Award: Jose Villanueva
Rising Star: Drew Berwick
Congratulations to those selected!


Employee Longevity Awards:

5-years of Service to ULC:

Angel Anderson, Pat Behrens, George Gehant, Brenda Hieb, Joan Lustfield, Paula Stotz

10-years of Service to ULC: 

LeAnn Fenske, Roberta Pflugardt

15-years of Service to ULC:

Kay Jorenby

We are very proud of our great staff! Thank you for your dedication to ULC!